TML Company History

In 1959, William Lindo and two partners formed Tumbler, Milo and Lindo (TML), as a Distributor of General Line Cans for Continental Can of Canada. William Lindo's experience in the Custom Chemical Packaging Industry allowed him to recognize the need for a Distribution Company that could provide quality service, in Metal Packaging, to small and mid-sized businesses. After buying out his partners in1962, the decision was made to branch out into other areas of packaging such as Plastic Containers, Caps and Plastic and Metal Pails.

TML Industries, today, continues to Distribute products for Crown Cork and Seal, Industrial Containers, Reliance Products and several Plastic Container and Closure Manufacturers. We also have a complete line of stock Plastic Bottles and Jars from our own molds.

In 1973, Continental Can exited the more specialized General Can Market in several areas and offered the business and equipment to TML. We continued to supply this business and over the years built on that base to become a world class Manufacturer of Specialty and General Line Cans for Custom Chemicals, Paints and Coatings, Camping Fuels, Inks and Automotive Additives.





Through the 80's TML further expanded and integrated our Production and Distribution capabilities to form an efficient Packaging Service Center, providing as well as Container Sales, Warehousing and a Flammable Products Storage Facility.

TML is family owned and operated by Peter Lindo (President), Christine Milcawich (Purchasing and Sales Manager) and Margie Lindo (Human Resources). Our combined 120,000 sq.ft. Production and Warehousing facility is located in Pickering, Ontario, just east of Toronto.

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